Friday, May 21, 2021

This week's interesting finds

Examining the importance of flexibility at the 13th annual Cymbria Day  

At our 13th annual investor day, we discussed how our flexibility benefits us in different ways, from the spectrum of investments we can make to the structure of our Investment team.

10-Year Inflation Expectations 

ESG in the Canadian energy sector: Whitecap Resources

Whitecap Resources published an ESG newsletter highlighting some of their key ESG initiatives:

 • Whitecap will be close to net neutral in 2021 and will continue to pursue net negative emitter status. They remain focused on reducing overall emissions and expanding their carbon capture and storage projects. 

• Whitecap currently sequesters more carbon than it emits, and their New Energy team is hard at work to find economic solutions to further reduce their carbon footprint and advance additional low carbon opportunities. 

• A recent gas injection scheme was developed to avoid emissions during a facility turnaround. This is one of many innovative ways that the team has introduced to maintain and improve upon their environmental stewardship. 

Whitecap Resources is a holding in the EdgePoint Go West Portfolio. This is for informational purposes only and it not a recommendation to buy the stock. 

Magazine covers  

You know by the time the journalists get wind that things are good, it’s probably almost time for it not to be anymore. We just saw the best 52-week period for stocks in over 75 years. You know what they were telling you the week that rally started? These magazine covers were published at the perfect time to be buying stocks. 

Below is another favorite from the New Yorker that shows a chart literally falling from the bottom of earth. Notice the date. That week the stock market bottomed after one of the greatest collapses in stock market history. It then went on one of the most historic runs of all time, right after this cover was published.