Friday, March 5, 2021

This week's interesting finds

FAAMG is still a big part of the S&P 500 Index 

FAAMG: Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft Google

Stimulus and Investing

Speculation in the markets

Hertz, the original meme stock is turning out to be worthless 

It’s the version of David versus Goliath that Wall Street will like. Day traders, snapping up penny stocks on the popular Robinhood app, sought to defy decades of convention and make money on bankrupt rental-car company Hertz. The craze sent shares soaring as much as 896%, prompting Hertz to briefly capitalize on the frenzy by issuing even more stock. 

E-mail Is Making Us Miserable

A study, published in 2019, looked at long-term trends in the health of a group of nearly five thousand Swedish workers. They found that repeated exposure to “high information and communication technology demands” (translation: a need to be constantly connected) were associated with “suboptimal” health outcomes. 

The need to interact with each other is one of the strongest motivational forces that humans experience. The flip side of an evolutionary obsession with social interaction is a corresponding feeling of distress when it’s thwarted. Our instinct to connect is accompanied by an anxious unease when we neglect these interactions. This matters in the office, because an unfortunate side effect of overwhelming e-mail communication is that it constantly exposes you to exactly this form of social distress. A frenetic approach to professional collaboration generates messages faster than you can keep up—you finish one response only to find that three more have arrived in the interim, and, while you are at home at night, or over the weekend, or when you are on vacation, you cannot escape the awareness that the missives in your in-box are piling up ever thicker in your absence.

It is useful, of course, that we can communicate instantaneously, with almost no friction or cost. But humans are not network routers. Just because it’s possible for us to send and receive messages incessantly through our waking hours doesn’t mean that it is a sustainable way to exist. Technologies serve us best when we deploy their new efficiencies with intention, with an aim to improve the human condition.

EdgePoint Photo Contest 

While most of Canada’s colour palette is 50 shades of grey right now, the Photo Contest Committee was blessed by an orange splash of colour from some of our partners. Below is the winning submission by our very own Jelena.