Friday, February 28, 2020

This week's interesting finds

EdgePoint video: Worth your while – knowing the value of what you own
Stocks get traded every day at prices that can have little to do with their value. This usually happens when people buy and sell based on greed and fear rather than knowing what their ownership stake in the business is worth. We believe that the best way to avoid falling into an emotional trap is to act like a rational business owner and differentiate between what the business is really worth versus what the market thinks it's worth.

Reasons not to sell
The past week marked the fastest correction in the S&P 500 Index on record.  It is during times like this that people struggle to separate their emotions from their investment decisions and begin to behave erratically. Below is a chart that shows the top reasons to sell we’ve seen over the last decade. The key is to resist the urge to act irrationally and believe in your investment approach.

We just witnessed the fastest stock market correction on record

Crisis and Recovery
Divergence in ESG ratings