Sunday, March 31, 2019

Private equity topics

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This $358 billion pension fund bets on private equity (Link)
With everyone diving in to private equity, future returns may not be as attractive as in the past. Yet the $358 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement system fund (CalPERS) believes it has a competitive advantage. Today, CalPERS has nearly $28 billion, or 8% of assets, in private equity holdings and over the last 10 years, private equity was CalPERS best-performing asset, returning an average of 9% annually, compared with 6.7% on public stocks. CalPERS now believes it may be able to continue this success and on March 18 voted to funnel up to $20 billion more into private equity over the next 10 years.

CalPERS plans to partner with elite private-equity managers, that will make them their sole client. That way, CalPERS would have better control and more transparency to make better investment decisions. The chief investment officer (CIO) of CalPERS believes more private equity is needed to increase the fund's probability of success.

Private equity firms are flocking to Mexico? (Link)
In January of 2018, Mexican regulators eased restrictions on how Mexican pension funds invest their assets. This change allowed foreign private equity managers to tap into the $179 billion worth of pension fund assets for the first time in Mexico. Over the last year many of the world’s top private equity managers have quietly raised billions of dollars from Mexican pension funds.

Well-known names like BlackRock was one of the first foreign asset managers to expand into Mexico, raising $615 million for two funds. Blackstone Group has now also raised $695 million from Mexican pension funds for its first two local private equity funds.

The majority of private equity sales are now to other private equity firms (SBO)