Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Canada's energy industry

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Human development: fueled by energy - Chris Slubicki, CEO of Modern Resources Inc. (Link)
Chris Slubicki provides an objective perspective of the global and Canadian energy industries. Canadians are benefiting greatly today because we had the courage to build in the past.The world needs energy and no one is better at providing it then Canada. Chris concludes with great examples in Canadian history where we had to courage to build. We need to step up again and build. 

Government policies have made Canada less attractive to investment in energy industry (Link)
U.S based, Devon Energy adds to the exodus of foreign oil and gas companies leaving the Canadian oil patch. Devon Energy has roots in Canada dating back to 1998 and opened its first facility in 2007. Their Canadian operation represented about 24% of their overall production with 750 employees in Canada. The company is leaving Canada to complete its“transformation to a high-return U.S. oil growth business". According to the 2018 Global Petroleum Survey, the U.S. is the most attractive region for oil and gas investment, while Canada now ranks fourth.