Tuesday, February 26, 2019

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What else matters more than future growth? (Link)
A simple question when thinking about future growth. What else matters more than this? Here’s what happened to a bunch of big economies over the last 30 years:

And here’s what happens over the next 30 years. 

America is leaps ahead of others. But if, aging-wise, China and Europe become the equivalent of Japan, and Japan becomes the equivalent of Del Boca Vista, everyone will feel it.

Life lessons from Blackstone's Byron Wien: (Link)
  • If you want to be successful and live a long, stimulating life, keep yourself at risk intellectually all the time.
  • The hard way is always the right way. 
  • Don’t try to be better than your competitors, try to be different.
  • If it pays the most, you’re lucky. If it doesn’t, take it anyway, I took a severe pay cut to take each of the two best jobs I’ve ever had, and they both turned out to be exceptionally rewarding financially.

Gold reserves at major producers over the last 6 years 

The problem of declining gold reserves has not been exclusive to Barrick. Many of the world’s largest gold companies including Newmont, Goldcorp Inc., and Kinross Gold Corp. have also seen their reserves fall. In the recent environment, there is a need to increase gold reserves to take advantage of the rising gold prices. This is providing increased incentive for consolidation among gold producers.