Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Why we look for scapegoats after a market decline (Link)
Whenever stocks experience a large decline, it’s normal to look for someone or something to blame; The Fed, China, inflation, computers, etc. We can never determine exactly why stocks do what they do, especially when we’re searching for answers on a daily basis, and in the age of click bait and sensationalism, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever read an honest news update.
Survival is the ultimate performance measure of a business (Link)
Old companies are often the most innovative and adaptive companies. They have focused on an area for a long time. Many old companies aren’t large companies. They are small to medium sized companies that focused initially on an area that they ultimately ended up dominating. They wouldn’t have survived 50-100+ years if they weren’t innovative and adaptive.

How to invest for the long-term in a turbulent market (Link) 
There are three things that can allow you to use market volatility to your advantage: 1. The right structure 2. A long-term investment process 3. A behavioral checklist to allow you to remain rational when everyone else is being anything but.