Friday, December 21, 2018

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In-N-Out Burger’s success in simplicity (Link)

This article examines In-N-Out Burger’s relentless focus on simplicity and quality which manifests itself in a variety of ways through the firm’s business and operating models.

Morgan Stanley’s top technology banker moonlights as a driver on his way to winning the Uber IPO mandate (Link)

“Some bankers have been known to go to extreme lengths to stand out from the competition. Most start with a mastery of the numbers and fluency with entrepreneurs’ vision, but some like Mr. Grimes have gone further--he rented an apartment close to one company and studied his daughter’s internet habits to get familiar with another.”

The Golf Town turnaround story (Link)

A good business comeback story – When Chad McKinnon assumed the helm of GolfTown in October 2016 he inherited a trainwreck.