Monday, December 17, 2018

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The baijiu market is bigger than the rest of the global spirits market: 

Great interview with Matt Rose, BNSF Railway Chariman (Link) 

"We’ve always looked at the value proposition of the railroad as a three-legged stool. Shareholders are a very important leg of that stool because they provide the capital for us to make investments. The second leg of the stool is the employees. They provide the services that allow us to make the investments that allow us to make the returns to provide to the shareholders. And then finally, there are the customers. People are always asking, “What’s the most important?” Well, they’re all important. And if you think about a three-legged stool, if one of those legs gets a little out of whack, things don’t work very well."

China's auto sales are on track for their first annual decline since 1990s: