Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, reveals how the company got its groove back (Link)

"Signs of Nadella's progress are found everywhere. From a Microsoft voice assistant that integrates with Amazon’s Alexa to a deepening alliance with Samsung and, most crucially, in its financial statements. Revenue, at $110 billion, is growing at a double-digit percentage after slumping for most of the past decade, in large part because of the hard-charging—and high-margin—cloud suite the company has built around Office and Azure, Microsoft’s challenger to Amazon’s cloud juggernaut."

How the Starbucks app created so many reward-hungry obsessives (Link)

"The app allows users to scan and pay with it at checkout (or order in advance and skip checkout), but it also integrates the Starbucks’ Rewards program, a loyalty system through which users earn stars for every dollar spent. Hitting a certain number of stars earns them a free item. (When the star system was overhauled in 2016, it caused quite a bit of consternation among Starbucks fans: It switched its reward trigger from number of purchases to dollars spent. The previous system was the Senate; the new system is the House, is how one co-worker and app user put it to me, explaining that, as a casual user, she was previously “overrepresented” because she could get more stars with fewer and less-expensive purchases.)

Friday humour: