Friday, November 9, 2018

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The library of mistakes - Check out this library in Edinburgh where you'll find a collection of books and other materials related to business and finance failures with the goal of learning lessons of the past. (Link)

The rise and fall of the popular game app HQ Trivia. Jeopardy disruptor? Not so much (Link)

Boredom begets action - The Madame Bovary Effect (Link)

"More than any other author I know, Flaubert captures and communicates the immense power of boredom over human behaviour.  Why is dullness such a powerful impediment to attention? What makes for greatness as a stock picker is the discipline to act appropriately on whatever the market is giving you, particularly when you’re being dealt one low conviction hand after another. The hardest thing in the world for talented people is to ignore our mental shriek of unused capacities, and to avoid turning a low edge and odds opportunity into an unreasonably high conviction bet simply because we want it so badly and have analyzed the situation so smartly".