Thursday, November 22, 2018

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Today's links:

This year Lunchables turn 30.  Some things don’t change, such as selling convenience to parents and fun to kids. (Link)

"Lunchables currently has an 84 percent share of the market for kids’ 'combination lunches' and its dominance is sustained by its meat-cheese-and-cracker boxes, which remain the best-selling and longest-running Lunchables product." 

What investors want - an infographic explaining what investors want from advisers
and why they invest (Link)

This quarter, a number of companies have seen their share price decline after posting better than expected results.  Is this a function of consensus estimates having less relevance in today’s real-time data driven world?  (Link)

"Investors are saying, 'Forget about whether you beat earnings expectations last quarter. What's your outlook for next quarter, next year? What's your guidance. That's all we care about now."